Modernism for the Masses – How To Buy High-End Furniture For Wholesale On The Internet

New Internet direct marketers are giving old line brick and mortar stores a run for their money and consumers are ending up the winners. Experts reveal their secrets to wholesale purchasing on the web.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 26, 2006 – A major new wrinkle has occurred in the pricey world of high-end designer furniture. New Internet direct marketers are giving old line brick and mortar stores a run for their money on all of the best known brands and lines. Consumers are ending up winners and shoppers are saving huge amounts by using the web in usual ways.

Experts have their secrets to wholesale purchasing on the web. You will be surprised what the connoisseurs noted in recent blind tests between a Le Corbusier $8,055 Cassina 3-seat sofa we located at DWR, and a $2,095 reproduction we sourced on the Internet. We have found a revolutionary change in the direct-to-consumer wholesale model that will forever change the market place.

Le Corbusier was a master of modernism. He created a series of stools, chairs, love-seats, sofas, lounges, coffee tables, and dining tables that look as contemporary now as the day they were introduced. In the past, consumers who wanted blue end Le Corbusier architectural furniture could only buy product from designers who worked directly with manufacturers like Knoll, Herman Miller, Steelform, and Cassina.

In the 1990s a major change occurred in the market place. For the first time buyers could purchase product from high-end firms like Design Within Reach to avoid having to hire a decorator. On the down side, the end user still had to pay full list price, taxes, and wait several months for delivery with DWR.

Now a second revolution has occurred in the retail market place. Buyers are purchasing factory-direct goods at wholesale prices via the web. We did a Google™ search for designers and found one company that features a wide array of discount architectural modern, high quality furniture including… “Gibraltar Furniture is one of the leaders in the world of Internet modern architectural products. Gibraltar sells both original and reproduction furniture manufactured in Italy and in Asia, with the original specifications, and offers the exceptional, finest quality at popular prices.”

Located at (telephone 800 416-3635), this west coast company has been in operation for over 50 years. Gibraltar is based in Beverly Hills, 90210, and is an insider’s secret weapon for blue chip merchandise at warehouse prices. We have found this supplier to be an excellent resource for factory-direct pricing for high-end furniture.

In the past, manufactures had to pay an extra fee for the use of these designs, and the artist was paid a fee for each product that was produced. Instead of lowering their price point to reflect these savings, the big brand labels pocket the difference.

Design and architectural experts were invited to test drive a Gibraltar Le Corbusier Grande Confort Petit 3 seat sofa for $1595 and compare this with the Cassina model that sells for $6,455. All of the brand names were covered.
From a purely subjective perspective, reviewers preferred the firmer seat of the Gibraltar model over the softer seat of the Cassina. One UCLA educator commented that “one would have to be quite a fanatic to notice, or indeed to care, about the variation between the Cassina version and the Gibraltar edition when you figure in the $4,860 price point difference!”

The LC2A Le Corbusier Petit Club Chair runs $795 at Gibraltar Furniture and the Cassina version of this model sells for $2,965. A design professor opined, “What do you get extra from the “official” vendor – a certificate of authenticity. So, if this is what’s important to you, go for it!” But you should be ready to pay about $1900 more for this privilege.

Le Corbusier also made the LC6 dining table. DWR sells the LC6 for $1,860 and Gibraltar offers the same model for only $1,195.

The review teams looked at the units inside and out, and noted that the biggest difference was that the Cassina model had its brand name stamped on the product and the Gibraltar version did not.

A writer from Design Decor Modern media scribed that Gibraltar Furniture’s “Beverly Hills store is nirvana for people who want designer furniture at wholesale. I purchased a Le Corbusier LC4 lounge reproduction for only $790. This compares to $2,415 from companies like Hive and DWR, which sell the Cassina original. In addition to loads of high-end furniture at discount prices, they will also take 5% off your purchase if you place your order over the phone. They ship straight from the factory to get consumers warehouse prices!”

All in all, savvy consumers should look for factory-direct, wholesale prices, instead of the top dollar retail prices. Search for an outlet that doesn’t charge tax, and does provide a warranty, as well as customer support.

Gibraltar offers the entire line of products from Color & Life, Compar, David Edward, Davis Furniture, Fabulux, Firefarm, Girari, Gordon International, Grey, Havaseat Chairs, Innovation, IQMatics, Janke, Jet Age, Kenshoma, Litto Kids, Lunar Lounge, Malik, Ooba, Oeuf, Offi, OFM, Ogus Design, The Phillips Collection, Serralunga, Studio4LA, Touch Design/Lighting, Trevi Outdoor, the Vessel Architectural Pottery collection, Zuo Modern, and 100 Times Better, among others.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, please contact Bradley Friedman, Director of Pubic Relations, via email.

Images for all products can be obtained at

Bradley Friedman
Director of Public Relations

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