Barcelona Features

The Barcelona chair is one of the chief symbols of modernism in the furniture movement pioneered by Mies Van der Rohe.

Mies van der rohe

You can purchase this piece form DWR and pay $4,083 or buy the same chair for $795.00 from Gibraltar Furniture.

Gibraltar Furniture spotlights architectural office and home furniture at wholesale prices. We feature discount major brand, world famous designer leather/metal/wood furnishings & seating factory direct to you! Tel 800 416-3635

Barcelona chair


* Ultra High-quality imported density foam

* Superior grade stainless steel frame

* Hand-selected Italian leather, expertly sewn and piped.

* Seat and back cushions adapt to fit curve of frame.

* Individual leather panels are cut, hand-welted and hand-tufted

* Panels and buttons are crafted from a single hide


The Barcelona series is a unique and striking piece of furniture comprised of metal legs and a frame.

Metal Legs: We use only highly polished stainless steel legs. The bar metal is shaped and welded, ground and polished.

Barcelona Metal Legs

Tufted leather upholstery: A patchwork checkerboard of piped leather and leather covered buttons, stretched gently across firm foam cushions.

Leather Straps: Behind and beneath the back rest and seat cushions – matching leather straps are riveted (or sometimes screwed) to the frame . Fastening Systems: All cushions are fasted to the frame and straps with buckles, (beneath the seat) and poppers at the back. Some modern variations include buckles in both places, fabric ties or even Velcro.

Barcelona Leather Straps


The frame of The Barcelona chair is metal. The question is what metal. To the laymen this might seem to be a simple question; however it turns out to be a surprisingly complex one.

Each type of metal, like steel and stainless steel, chromed steel and aluminum – can be made in a large number of different ways. Blending the component elements of iron, carbon, nickel, chrome etc in different quantities, using different techniques creates very different results.

The alloys produced by these different blends have specific characteristics suited to particular purposes. Some are more brittle, some more pliable; some are easier to weld; others are less prone to corrosion and a host of other forms of deterioration. Some have a higher shine than others, others scratch more or less easily… and so the list continues in ever increasing layers of subtlety and technicality. Price and availability are also pertinent.

For each range of desired characteristics there might be one or a dozen applicable alloys. Marine stainless steel for example, has quite uncompromising requirements. It needs to be tremendously resistant to the corrosion caused by salt water; it also needs to be weldable, not brittle, but not too pliable. Lives depend upon its structural integrity and so standards must necessarily be high. Raw materials are expensive, and AISI grade 316 stainless steel is only produced by three or four countries, creating a certain scarcity that is in part responsible for the high price.


For Barcelona Chair frames – there is considerably more latitude with regard to these criteria. Certainly the steel must be weldable and not too brittle – but the stressors and weights that can be expected to affect a chair are considerably less extreme than those on the hull of a steel ship. The frame of a chair should not corrode – but it can reasonably be anticipated that it will never have to survive submersion in salt water for extended periods of time. The question of price sensitivity is more personal. Most people purchasing an item like the Barcelona chair do not have access to information about the steel grade of one chair versus another – (even assuming that they knew that this is a variable to consider.) This variable is however one of the principal influences on the price of The Barcelona Chair.

Our Mies Pavilion chair features premium grade 304 bar stock stainless steel for the frame.

Gibraltar is based in Beverly Hills California and can be found on the web at This firm has been in operation for over 50 years, and is an insider secret weapon for blue chip merchandise at warehouse prices. Yahoo reports that Gibraltar Furniture has “The best prices, models, and service of any site on the internet. This Beverly Hills 90210 store ( is nirvana for people who want Bauhaus, art deco, modern, mid century, or designer furniture at wholesale prices.”


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