Barcelona Furniture & Mies van der Rohe

Mies Van der Rohe created the legendary Barcelona series of furniture that laid the framework for modernism.

Our Barcelona chair series is the highest quality reproduction that you will find anywhere in the marketplace. The internet is rife with the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to authentic designer reproductions. This creates a great deal of confusion in the marketplace when consumers experience huge differences in price points for the same items.

Barcelona Collection

Many of the lower cost products from China may appear to be terrific buys at first glance. However, on closer examination the adept consumer will slowly see that a great price does not always equal a superior product.

For instance we have seen many instances where water buffalo, pig leather, or PVC (poly vinyl chloride) is offered in place of the high end 100% Italian leather that we utilize for our entire series.

Many of these low end “knock off’s” do not use the same lines, construction techniques, or materials as the originals. The frames that these sub-par companies use tend to fail over time due to their low grade materials. Most of these units don’t come with any warranties unlike our products which are fully guaranteed for 1 year.

We supply our Mies Pavilion-Barcelona items from Europe and also from our own overseas factory. Unlike our competitors, we use the Capitonné technique which uses individual tabbed squares of leather cut from a single hide and sewn, welted and tufted by hand. Each line is a “pipe” not just stitching. This results in the ultimate luxury product.

We use a total of 17 heavy saddle Italian leather straps ensuring durability and support. All straps are made to match the specified upholstery color. Knoll uses 34 stainless screws to secure straps to steel frame. We follow the same method using 34 stainless rivets to prevent the leather straps from loosening over time.

Our Mies Pavilion chair features premium grade 304 bar stock stainless steel for the frame. Single piece construction ensures long-term durability. each frame is shaped, welded and hand-polished to an impressive mirror finish. Our frames are highly buffed to enhance the luster and appearance. We include the stainless steel frame on all models and we do not up charge for this feature. (Knoll also offers this option but you will have to pay several hundred dollars more for such.)

Knoll uses thinner padding on their Barcelona edition. It has a slight curve to it. The back of the seat cushion is lower giving you a slightly more reclined position. Our chair uses 4″ thick cushions and has a more ergonomic seat angle for better lumbar support and easier position to get up from.

Finally, our cushions are premium quality, highly resilient urethane foam with Dacron polyester fiberfill to 100% match the official Knoll release.

We sell these units form two main sources:

1. Italian leather, Italian stainless Steel, European construction from Gordon International.

We use 100% Italian Leather and 100% stainless steel frames. As Italian labor is more costly than non -European overseas sources the cost corresponding goes up. Please visit the Gordon website for pricing info.

It takes 15-20 hours to pay these chairs. Labor in Europe is about $30 per hour. This makes the total cost higher. However, we mark down all of these models and the price that you will pay will be 30% off of the list price. We deep discount all of these models as we are a factory direct internet wholesaler.

2. Italian leather, Italian stainless Steel, Non-European construction

We source these models from our own overseas factory. We use 100% Italian leather and 100% stainless steel frames. As overseas labor is less expensive than European workmen the total price goes down accordingly.

It takes 15-20 hours to pay these chairs. Non-European labor is about $3 per hour. This makes the total cost lower. We deep discount all of these models as we are a factory direct internet wholesaler.

The quality is the same, the materials, are the same, and the end product is the same. Therefore the choice is yours.

Gibraltar uses our own special off shore factories to create the ultimate in value, design, and quality for this award winning series. We have constructed our own superior facilities that employ strict quality control features to fashion gold standard collectible furniture pieces at cost effective prices.

We can craft each unit in your choice of any of our stock colors. In addition we can also custom fabricate any piece in COM (customers own material)or COL (customers own leather). No other store on the internet can offer any of these services!

Our competitors cut their prices by using low grade bar stock, inferior hides, and unskilled labor. The result is a second-rate product that will quickly fall apart. Many of these lesser products are formed in Asia. We pledge to never source our Mies van der Rohe classic series pieces from cheaper sources and pass them off as design classics. Instead we guarantee that we only sell products from our own plant. The results are world class products that look exactly like the Knoll originals.

Barcelona CollectionBacelona Chair

Barcelona Collection

Barcelona Collection

Gibraltar is based in Beverly Hills California and can be found on the web at This firm has been in operation for over 50 years, and is an insider secret weapon for blue chip merchandise at warehouse prices. Yahoo reports that Gibraltar Furniture has “The best prices, models, and service of any site on the internet. This Beverly Hills 90210 store ( is nirvana for people who want Bauhaus, art deco, modern, mid century, or designer furniture at wholesale prices.”

No one else can offer all of these extras, or the ability to customize Le Corbusier classics at prices that can’t be beat. Gibraltar offers architectural office and home furniture at wholesale prices. We feature discount major brand, world famous designer leather/metal/wood furnishings & seating factory direct to you! Tel 800 416-3635

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