Limited Time Offer: Free Shipping on all Serralunga Planters + Pots!

Serralunga Pots & PlantersJust in time for summer! For the month of May 2008 only, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on all Serralunga brand planters, pots, and outdoor furniture.

Remember, this offer ends May 31st, 2008 so get your orders in now to take advantage of this promotion!


Serralunga is an Italian company located in Biella. This venerable company has a tradition of more than 170 years in container production. Born before the industrial revolution, the company has recently changed material typology from traditional clay pots to futuristic models. Serralunga’s concept is to feature classical design lines and highlight post-modern shapes.

Today Serralunga is the leader in the production of contemporary style flower pots, vases, and containers. The designers have paid close attention to polymer evolution and have applied new plastic technology to current articles, keeping their use and functionality unchanged. Serralunga pays maximum attention to creativity, aesthetics and functional details. Last but not least, Serralunga spotlights traditional Italian prose, beauty, and style in every piece.

These pieces will accent your outdoor space perfectly, and come in a huge variety of colors and sizes to fit your customized taste. Pair them with your favorite modern outdoor patio furniture and you’ll have a winning combination!

Serralunga Kabin Pots Serralunga Vas Pots Collection