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Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair

Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair

Marcel Lajos Breuer (May 21, 1902 Pécs, Hungary – July 1, 1981 New York City), architect and furniture designer, was an influential modernist. One of the fathers of Modernism, Breuer showed a great interest in modular construction and simple forms.

Known as Lajkó, Breuer studied and taught at the Bauhaus in the 1920s, stressing the combination of art and technology, and eventually became the head of the carpentry shop there. He later practiced in Berlin, designing houses and commercial spaces, as well as a number of tubular metal furniture pieces, replicas of which are in production today.

Breuer may be best known for his design of the Wassily Chair, the first tubular bent-steel chair, designed in 1925 for Wassily Kandinsky and inspired in part by bicycle handlebars. Still in production, the chair can be assembled and disassembled most easily with bicycle tool.

The Wassily chair designed by Marcel Breuer is made out of tubular pre-stressed, pre-buffed high gauge steel 13/16″ chrome. The metal is polished to a perfect mirror like finish. This chair features clean, seamless joints, and hidden drilled or countersunk holes. Seat, back and armrests are made of imported Italian double hide full leather. All of the edges and straps are fully laminated, treated and matched surfaces. This chair is available in 4 solid leather colors, as well as pony cowhide for an upcharge. And did we mention it’s extremely comfortable?

This is probably one of the most famous pieces of Bauhaus furniture. Its formal and classic character brings atmosphere to any home or office. Breuer made this comfortable chair for his friend, the painter Wassily Kandinsky, while he was teaching at the Bauhaus Academy. Hence the name! As daring and fresh as Kandinsky’s paintings, the Wassily Chair remains an astonishing work. Its strong, spare lines express all the industrial heroism and engineering invention of the new architecture. While formal and classic, its animated character brings life to any residence or office.

In spirit and stature, the Breuer Wassily has few equals. Marcel Breuer may not be as famous as his modernist contemporaries Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier, but he was certainly as brilliant a furniture designer, maybe even more so. The Wassily Chair (1925), the first bent tubular-steel chair ever, is a case in point; all first tries should be this good.

Frame: Triple chrome steel

Leather: Thick Italian saddle leather

Colors: Black, Chocolate Brown, Red, White, Pony Cowhide

Fully assembled at factory, no assembly required by you

Size: 31″W x 30″D x 29″H; Seat Height: 12″-17″; Seat Width: 18″

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