“Gibraltar Furniture (800 416 3635) is furniture nirvana for wholesale classics”- Yahoo News!

Designed by Mies Van Der Rohe. The Knoll version of this tables is priced at $2583! DWR sells it for $1019!

Mies Van Der Rohe is world renowned for designs such as the Barcelona chair and table, and the Brno chair. His furniture is known for fine craftsmanship, a mix of traditional luxurious fabrics like leather combined with modern chrome frames, and a distinct separation of the supporting structure and the supported surfaces, often employing cantilevers to enhance the feeling of lightness created by delicate structural frames. During this period, he collaborated closely with interior designer and companion Lilly Reich.

Incorporating his stylized cross form, Mies van der Rohe’s Pavilion  Barcelona Coffee Table (1929) expresses a clarity of form and materials that is immediately recognizable.

Barcelona Coffee Table

Barcelona Coffee Table

The regal simplicity of the table’s base is finely executed in stainless steel, atop which rests a 3/4″ glass tabletop which is perfectly beveled. The single-piece construction of the base ensures precision and durability. Originally designed for the Tugendhat House in Brno, Czechoslovakia, the table is often paired with the Pavilion Chair for their stylistic parallels. Absolute in its elegance, this classic design continues to refresh contemporary environments

The Barcelona frame is fully assembled and not composed of lower cost carbon steel which must be chrome-plated. The advantage of stainless steel it that is will never rust and there is no chrome-plating that can chip off. Consequently this Barcelona table will last a life time!

* Size (Coffee Table): 40″ x 40″ x 18″H

* Tempured safety glass

* Premium Stainless steel frame, polished to a mirror shine.

* 1/2″ tempered safety glass is $495

* 3/4″ (19 MM) tempered safety glass availible for $100 up charge.

Mies adopted an ambitious lifelong mission to create not only a new architectural style, but also a solid intellectual foundation for a new architectural language that could be used to represent the new era of technology and production. He saw a need for an architecture expressive of and in harmony with his epoch, just as Gothic architecture was for an era of spiritualism. He applied a disciplined design process using rational thought to achieve his spiritual goals. He adopted the idea that architecture communicated the meaning and significance of the culture in which it exists. The self-educated Mies painstakingly studied the great philosophers and thinkers of the past and of the day to enhance his own understanding of the character and essential qualities of the times he lived in. More than perhaps any other practicing pioneer of modernism, Mies used philosophy as a basis for his work. Mies’ architecture was created at a high level of abstraction, and his own descriptions of his work leaves much room for interpretation. Yet his buildings also seem very direct and simple when viewed in person.

Gibraltar is based in Beverly Hills California and can be found on the web at www.gibraltarfurniture.com. This firm has been in operation for five decades, and is an insider secret weapon for blue chip merchandise at warehouse prices. Yahoo reports that Gibraltar Furniture has “The best prices, models, and service of any site on the internet. This store is nirvana for people who want Bauhaus, art deco, modern, mid century, or designer furniture at wholesale prices.”

All purchases are fully covered by Lloyds of London and the Yahoo buyer’s protection plan. The Yahoo! Buyer Protection Program covers any item legitimately purchased through Yahoo! This protection covers purchases of up to $1000 for material defects and other issues.

Gibraltar Furniture is a good resource for design addicts looking for top-rated originals at popular prices. All of the materials, design lines, and specs for all of the Gibraltar releases are the same as the European manufacturers. Gibraltar out-sources the production of these design classics to our overseas factories in order to cut labor costs. We use the same high quality leather and stainless steel frames that Knoll uses.

Gibraltar offers the entire line of products from Compar, David Edward, Davis Furniture, Fabulux, Firefarm, Girari, Gordon International, Grey, Havaseat Chairs, Innovation, IQMatics, Janke, Jet Age, Kenshoma, Litto Kids, Lunar Lounge, Malik, Ooba, Oeuf, Offi, OFM, Ogus Design, The Phillips Collection, Serralunga, Studio4LA, Touch Design/Lighting, Trevi Outdoor, the Vessel Architectural Pottery collection, Zuo Modern, and 100 Times Better, among others.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, please contact Bradley Friedman, Director of Pubic Relations, via email.

Images for all products can be obtained at www.gibraltarfurniture.com.

Bradley Friedman
Director of Public Relations

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