AK 47 Modern storage design

Italian futuristic storage units

Italian Design units from  the visionary European  brand AK 47 have reinvented modern storage applications with revolutionary  stylish results.  Gibraltar furniture 800-416-3635 is proud to introduce the entire range of AK 47 units and is the  only dealer  that showcases the complete line.

AK 47 comments,  “The current  storage design scene is represented by products that are repetitive, chasing after one another, and all very much alike. The themes they deal with are too often similar, and research and innovation are frequently neglected.  AK 47  designs  shun the obvious, venturing into  areas that are still unexplored.  Our aim is to qualify simple objects,  to enhance them,  and characterize them with boldness. The choice of firewood holders, our  first theme in the project, was not made at random. We wished to extend our range as much as possible, offering an infinite series of possibilities. We propose a to amaze with unexpected details,  green design, and fabulous style”

AK 47 designs offer multiple functional storage applications. The units are perfect for anyone who living in urban environment and who have limited space to store firewood, or other bulky objects. The products are also modular: their packaging has been designed to optimize space during storage and transport.

Memo from AK 47

Memo storage unit from Italian manufacture AK 47

luxury.glam.com remarks that  “The Ak47 collection delivers a series of tower styles. Albert+ is my favorite interpretation. From a series of baskets to carry the wood inside up to FLEX, a flexible structure that can act as a seat or an ottoman, the collection offers many possibilities. Even if we were not in the middle of a very snowy winter, I would still be impressed by the design of these wood storage units. Naturally, the round fire pit is the ultimate design when it comes to a ski chalet. It is called Zero.”

Designofhouse.com said  “These are some exciting firewood storage design by Ak47 design which offers multiple functions beside to firewood storage. The reduced packaging decreases transport costs and protect the environment, while maintaining the high quality of the service offered.”

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Post Modern European Storage Unit From Gibraltarfurniture.com


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