Gibraltar Furniture has completed work on a brand new post modern Vondom design installation at the famed Hawaii Prince Hotel.  The Vanguard Theory, Inc Group decided on using the Stone Planter group for all of the hotels landscape pool, deck, and lounge architectural applications.


none_800x800-id52898-9b3018a8b1a604310534baade28205b7As its name suggests it appears to be found in nature itself, creating synergism between the natural and the artificial landscape. Stone can fit perfectly into any environment, transmitting its own particular elegance, thanks to its material, as well as its original shape.


Vanguard Theory is a creative studio that collaborates with like-minded artists and designers.  As a multi-disciplinary design consultancy Vanguard Theory focus is on interior design, collaborative art projects, and product development. It;s unique background gives it the necessary tools to balance creativity with feasibility.

Vanguard Theory believes that good design is soulful, inclusive, and honest in that it connects individuals with their environment in authentic way. Michelle JaimeCo-Founder / Design Director remarks “Every collaborative project allows us to exchange ideas, explore new resources, and create a larger platform for budding artists and designers.”


Vondom and Gibraltar Furniture  was a perfect match for the projects needs. Design culture is the key to Vondom’s success. This is what pushes Vondom to create new collections that give spaces a new dimension. Vondom creates dialogue between environment and form. Vondom pieces transform the simplest space into an ambiance filled with glamour, both unique and extraordinary. This is what it’s about, creating atmospheres where we can take hold of life and feel that we are here to live it, enjoy it and surround ourselves with beauty.


The Stone Planter series was designed by Stefano Giovanoni, architect, industrial and interior designer, lives and works in milan. He works as industrial designer designing many iconic best sellers and commercially successful products. Elisa Gargan, industrial and interior designer, is Stefano’s partner and wife. Elisa & Stefano working together for many famous companies.


This Spanish manufacturer works with the worlds best designers and offers incredible quality.Their designs are uber glamorous and stand proud in multi-million  homes, yachts, and hotels.

What we like best is that they are pretty much one of the only items of furniture that really can be left outdoors permanently. They are made with 100% recyclable polycarbonate material so they can withstand full sun and rain.

VONDOM creates art and is always looking for the natural beauty of the product endowing them with their own personality. Vondom designs are contemporary & avant-garde. Each pieces is perfectly balanced between simple lines, contemporary design, and & sophisticated finish options. .

VONDOM supports one of the World’s most complete outdoor furniture collections and is manufactured by rotational molding. This manufacturing technique allows us to create high quality products in a wide range of shapes & colors, making them unique modern furniture . This Spanish design source encourages you to enjoy your time by decorating your rooms and illustrating your life with a variety of designs, colors, and shapes. Experience the ultimate in fashion, style, and design via Vondom.





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