We love the new FREE iphone application, ColorSnap which we have been using on our latest projects to match our retro, deco, modern,  mid century, and post modern pieces with great decor ideas.

color snap

And we are hooked on the  Coloarcapture free application for design use too.


Upload either the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap or Benjamin Moore Color Capture application for your iphone, whichever you prefer.

Then take a photo of your favorite room or color with your i-phone to start.



Or  your can use a photo from your existing photo library. The application will give you a spectrum of colors that match the image. And it will save your favorite colors, recommend coordinating palettes, and map the nearest retailer from the GPS on your phone. Did we mention its free?
Double snap!

For the designer in all of us!

Gibraltar Furniture is proud to be a #1 wholesaler for Ameico, modern classics, Barcelona, and huge selection in modern furnitures such as modern outdoor furniture, modern lighting, modern office furnitures, and much more. Browse our huge selection of modern furniture below. We have everything from premium designer executive chairs to green sustainable furniture. Gibraltar Furniture has been in business for 50 years. Yahoo News reports that Gibraltar Furniture has “The best prices, models, and service of any site on the Internet.” Yahoo News, click here.
This Beverly Hills 90210 store is nirvana for people who want Bauhaus, art deco, modern, mid century, or designer furniture at wholesale prices.”


A Google™ search indicates that one of the foremost sites for high end furniture at wholesale prices is Gibraltar. “This West coast Internet pioneer features retro, modern, and post-modern furnishings at rock bottom prices. Gibraltar offers an exceptional array of wholesale, architectural, modern, high quality items at factory direct discount prices. Gibraltar Furniture is one of the leaders in the world of Internet modern architectural products. Gibraltar sells furniture manufactured in Italy, Asia, and the USA and all sales are tax free outside of California.” This Beverly Hills 90210 store has been in business for over 50 years!


A: We often get the question: “Are your pieces original?”

We sell many items that are fully licensed products from the official sources.

We also feature many lower cost alternatives for customers who are looking for cost effective options

All of our products are “mint in box” brand new items. (Original vintage products would be very expensive products to obtain. A few authentic, old originals are found in museums, or sell at astronomic, (but realistic) prices at auctions or at antique stores. Often times these pieces are often in very bad shape as a result of years of wear and tear.)

Instead Gibraltar offers both authentic and also high quality reproductions, at factory direct prices on all these pieces! Many of these items are “reproductions” of old designs. Our design experts have exactly copied each and every detail and faithfully executed all of the scale, aspects, and lines of these masterpieces.

Careful attention has been given to maintaining the same look, feel, and style of the Bauhaus icons that define modernism. You will be getting a perfectly made modern art piece, crafted in the European tradition, at a price you can’t beat!

We use overseas factories to achieve these results. We use due diligence to insure that all the right tools are used in this process. Despite the designers’ intention to create furniture which can easily be produced mechanically, the creation of modern classics requires considerable skilled hand labor and a wide variety of different production steps. We employ only perfect manufacturing methods in order to bend tubes and to make upholstery that keeps its shape for decades. The results are master pieces that ring true to the originals.

Our overseas factories use optimum methods to reproduce these beautiful Bauhaus and Modern Classics Furniture in a way so you can enjoy them year after year.

To illustrate, we offer the Barcelona series at our store. Mies van der Rohe designed the Lounge Chair and Ottoman for the German Pavilion at the International Exhibition of 1929 in Barcelona, Spain. The “X”-shaped Mies Lounge Chair and Ottoman features sleek minimalist line styling which produces a perfect blend of art and function. Gibraltar’s Mies Lounge Chair and Ottoman is made of heavy gauge solid stainless steel seamlessly welded and polished to a high luster, It features comfortable high density fire-retardant polyurethane foam wrapped in Dacron, enclosed in ticking, and encased in fine imported 100% Italian leather.

Many of the classics have undergone some construction changes since they were designed in the 20’s and 30’s. Today’s materials and tools allow for construction as crisp as the designers envisioned, but could not necessarily achieve due to the state of yesterdays technology. Many problems have occurred in older pieces when metal fatigue has resulted in damaged frames which can no longer be used. Our modern construction technique produces a metal frame with greater strength in its joints. This means your furniture, will be sturdier than the originals.

Our reproductions are very high quality new items designed for daily use. They are not numbered or stamped to justify the tripling of prices. If you purchase an item like this, you are actually paying for a license fee that is no longer required. The manufacture of such pieces is charging you a premium for a royalty that once went to a designer. Now that these designs have been paced into the public domain a patent payment is unnecessary. However, instead of lowering the price points on these editions the fabricators are happy to hold onto your money and pocket the difference. They will not lower their price levels to reflect this change to not offend their previous customers. Instead they are happy to charge thousands of dollars more for the same items that we sell for a fraction of the price.

Our entire pieces feature high quality imported premium heavy gauge steel. Ultra-Premium #304 Solid flat bar stock Stainless Steel pieces are used in each of our units. These are then hand polished to a super brilliant chrome style finish. Our frames are NOT made using lower cost carbon steel, which may be chrome-plated hollow tubes and then bolted/screwed together. Over the years this chrome will start to peel and corrode leaving you with an ugly unit.

All of our reproductions are made using 100% imported Italian leather. Multiple colors and grades of premium top grain Italian leather are available for your design requirements. We sources our hides from the same supplier that provides leather for Mercedes Benz and BMW automobiles Every square of leather is hand selected, piped, tufted and individually sewn by expert leather craftsmen Each piece is true to form, comfortable, and feature a luxurious cushion system.

Naturally there is a range in quality of the reproductions on the market. Be assured Gibraltar are tops in quality in every possible way! Today classic furniture is produced by many different manufacturers, some with great care and attention to details, others with less care. Many lower cost releases will compromise quality by using vinyl, pig leather, or low cost Chinese inferior hides.

Copy or original? We call the items what they truly are: “reproductions” of old design, no matter who produces them today. Our items do live up to all modern expectations on appearance and durability, even under intense scrutiny. They are all New Reproductions of Modern Classics at a price that can’t be beat!


A: We sell these products from two main sources.

1. Italian leather, Italian stainless Steel, European construction. We source these models from Italy viaGordon International. We use 100% Italian Leather and 100% stainless steel frames. As Italian labor is more costly than non -European overseas sources the cost corresponding goes up. Please visit for pricing info. It takes 15-20 hours to pay these chairs. Labor in Europe is about $30 per hour. This makes the total cost higher. However, we mark down all of these models and the price that you will pay will be 30% off of the list price. We deep discount all of these models as we are a factory direct internet wholesaler.

2. Italian leather, Italian stainless Steel, Non-European construction. We source these models from our own overseas factory. We use 100% Italian leather and 100% stainless steel frames. As overseas labor is less expensive than European workmen the total price goes down accordingly. It takes 15-20 hours to pay these chairs. Non-European labor is about $3 per hour. This makes the total cost lower. We deep discount all of these models as we are a factory direct internet wholesaler.

The quality is virtually the same, the materials are the same, and the end product is the same. Therefore the choice is yours.

We ship factory direct so that you don’t have to pay a middle man for a mark up. This means you get the wholesale price and a great product at unbeatable prices Gibraltar is based in Beverly Hills California and can be found on the web at This firm has been in operation for five decades, and is an insider secret weapon for blue chip merchandise at warehouse prices. Yahoo reports that Gibraltar Furniture has “The best prices, models, and service of any site on the internet. This store is nirvana for people who want Bauhaus, art deco, modern, mid century, or designer furniture at wholesale prices.”

All purchases are fully covered by Lloyds of London and the Yahoo buyer’s protection plan. The Yahoo! Buyer Protection Program covers any item purchased through Yahoo! This protection covers purchases of up to $1000

Revolutions in Modern Outdoor Product Designs

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“A major revolution is occurring in design products for post modern outdoor landscaping applications and indoor use. Serralunga, Studio4LA, and the Trevi Collection are in the vanguard for many of these new exciting shapes and forms that are sweeping the world of art and exterior design.”

A major revolution is occurring in design products for post modern outdoor landscaping applications and indoor use. Serralunga, Studio4LA, and the Trivi Collection are in the vanguard for many of these new exciting shapes and forms that are sweeping the world of art, architecture, and exterior design.

These products showcase spectacular artisan fabrication, unique geometry, and post modern design features that are wowing crowds in Milan, Pairs, and New York. The result is a new school of art that is a world apart from their predecessors.

Gibraltar Furniture is the leading source for designers, architects, and landscapers for Serralunga, Studio4LA, and Trivi collection products in the United States. This internet resource is a deep discount supplier of high end products at wholesale prices.

One of the recognized leaders in this field is a European entity called Serralunga, who have been producing stylish planters since 1825. Serralunga is a company located in the Biella section of Italian. This group has a tradition of more than 170 years of container production.

Born before the industrial revolution, Serralunga recently changed material typology from traditional clay pots to futuristic models. Serralunga’s concept is to feature classical design lines and post-modern shapes.

Today, Serralunga is the leader in the production of contemporary style flower pots, vases, and containers. For example the New Pot range is a classic shaped planter that has been designed by Paolo Rizzatto, and is available in an extensive range of sizes.

The pots are made from rotationally molded polyethylene, and are strong, lightweight and will tolerate subzero temperatures, and will have a much longer life than traditionally made pots. Serralunga recently commissioned some of the world’s leading designers to create a new line of vases and flower pots for both interior and exterior use. These artists include the world famous Ron Arad, Alberto Meda, Denis Santachiara, Luisa Bocchietto, and Rodolfo Dordoni.

These designers have paid close attention to polymer evolution and have applied new plastic technology to current articles, but keeping their use and functionality unchanged.

Serralunga concentrates on creativity, aesthetics and functional details. Last but not least, Serralunga spotlights traditional Italian prose, beauty, and style in every piece. For more info on Serralunga got to

In America, Studio4LA is a leader in cutting edge planters, containers, and pots.

This company is an artisan based group that casts post modern shapes in their southland studio. Concrete is the main media in a line of unique water based fountains. Water Line’s pure forms exemplify Studio04’s primary design focus of juxtaposing modern materials — Concrete — with organic elements — Water.

These Water Features introduce a modernity rarely present in landscape design today, with the sounds of cascading water bringing respite and relaxation to any garden, residence or work space.

All of the water features are treated with a matte finish sealer on interior and exterior surfaces and come with a drainage hole to allow for easy cleaning. All Water Features come with an underwater pump and river rocks. Studio4LA products can also bee made to order .in a rainbow of custom colors. Lights are also available for maximum effect.

Trevi Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Scott and Gabrielle Acton. Formerly Cast in Stone, the company focused on the manufacturing of cast concrete products with an emphasis on the custom design and construction of one-of-kind components used in large architectural undertakings. Examples of the company’s work can be seen in some of the world’s most recognizable themed attractions and resorts. Trevi has come a long way, refining proprietary techniques and formulation of composite materials to create a variety of products.

Founder, Scott Acton, explains some clear advantages to using Trevi products, “One of the challenges of sculpture and casting is building designs that are both lighter and stronger. Trevi has developed a process that casts concrete at almost half the weight of standard precast concrete. Coupled with creative designs, we strive to bring the pleasure of fountains, planters and statuary without hurting anybody’s back.

The focus of Trevi’s business has expanded to include the design and crafting of attractive fountains, planters and statuary for commercial and consumer use. Three generations of Acton family designs continue to influence the expansion of the Trevi Collection. Homeowners, interior designers and architects appreciate the range of unique choices available in the Trevi Collection. Commercial clients appreciate the Trevi’s broad range of capabilities and the company’s style of doing business.

Today, Trevi continues a tradition of creating choices for the company operates a large manufacturing and office facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Headquartered in the Southwest, Trevi distributes ASTM-tested products throughout the United States. For more info on Trevi go to

All of these pots, vases, containers, come in a dazzling array of finishes including spectacular metallic and lacquer coats. Consumers can contact Gibraltar Furniture to purchase any of these products by calling 800.416.3635.

Gibraltar Furniture – Gibraltar Furniture has been in business for over 50 years. We are based in Los Angeles, California. Our list of clients include studios, galleries, the US government, and a host of fortune 500 companies. We sell very high quality products at a cost effective price.