Gibraltar Furniture vs Inferior Reproductions


My mother raised me to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Consequently, I am about to bare the naked truth re the LC1 Cassina branded chair vs. the reproduction that Gibraltar furniture offers for $495. We often get asked how our LC1 classic chair compares to the original design by iconic furniture provider Cassina. For pure museum quality you can do no better than selecting the Italian manufacture.

However, many buyers would prefer getting a reproduction and saving thousands of dollars on the same purchase. Therefore we offer this same piece, in the same style, dimensions, and construction techniques which would cost $1,955.00 – $2,025.00 via Cassina. What are the benefits of selecting from Cassina?

Each piece of furniture in the “Cassina I Maestri” Collection is indelibly marked with:

• The signature of the Author, whose copyright belongs to his heirs, the use of which has been granted exclusively to Cassina and which in the form of a trade mark, certifies the authenticity of the furniture;

• The “Cassina I Maestri” logotype, which incorporates the Author’s emblem as used by him as identification on his drawings;

• The production number which serves to place the item in the chronology  of production, and tallys with the “Identity Card” (which bears the same number).  This shows that a final quality check has been carried out, and allows the Heirs’ control.

What does all of this really mean? If you are looking for a numbered editionLC1 chair Cassina is the only way to go. However be aware that you will not be receiving a limited edition product. Instead, your Cassina chair will be just be a  sequential serial number product with a  stamped number on the frame. Therefore, this creates no intrinsic value as you will never be able to get the same money back for your purchase for modern used furniture.

Established in 1927, Cassina has been designing the future for over eighty years. During the 50’s the company, founded in Meda (Milan) by Cesare and Umberto Cassina, launched industrial design in Italy. In the rich and complex turmoil of that era, it was pioneering in the way it encouraged architects and designers to envision fresh designs and most of all translate their inspirations into reality.

Taking a completely new approach, which saw a shift from hand craftsmanship to serial production, the company began to work side by side with designers. Since then, Cassina has shown a striking inclination for research and the ability to spark mulch-participant dialogues between the most talented designers of both the 20th and 21st centuries, including architects and designers with quite diverse sensibilities, styles and creative spirits. The result: a mesh of stimulating ideas, from which Cassina always draws the best. This transversal culture of absolute quality defines the uniqueness of each Cassina piece.

The Gibraltar release is also a extremely high end architectural art piece. It is manufactured to the exact original specification using  imported Italian aniline leather.

Shown in ponyhide, the LC1 Chair this basculant chair from Gibraltar Furniture, was originally designed in 1929 by the highly influential architect, city planner, painter and designer Charles Le Corbusier

In 1922, French architect Le Corbusier began working in the new rue de Sèvres, Paris, atelier with his cousin Pierre Jeanneret with whom he shared research plans and design inspiration in a profound and life-long professional relationship. In October 1927, the duo agreed to draw on the contribution of a young architect who had already begun to establish a reputation on the architectural scene of the time: Charlotte Perriand. Their collaboration lasted through to 1937 and was extremely productive, particularly in the furniture design arena. The partnership was highly significant, both in terms of the cultural weight of their accolades and their professional successes. It was together with Charlotte Perriand that the team tackled the innovative project for “l’équipement d’intérieur de l’habitation”. The resulting designs were of great intellectual value and considerable commercial success.

When you purchase from Cassina you are also paying full price for Cassina’s license of the design from the Le Corbusier estate. This exclusive once enabled Cassina to be the only official provider. But you can also purchase an exact copy from Gibraltar without having to pay a kings ransom.  Therefore we recommend Cassina again if you have deep enough pockets to pay the piper. Or you can go with Gibraltar if you want an exact  LC1 clone without any numbers or signatures. It is the same piece without the branding!

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