We love the new FREE iphone application, ColorSnap which we have been using on our latest projects to match our retro, deco, modern,  mid century, and post modern pieces with great decor ideas.

color snap

And we are hooked on the  Coloarcapture free application for design use too.


Upload either the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap or Benjamin Moore Color Capture application for your iphone, whichever you prefer.

Then take a photo of your favorite room or color with your i-phone to start.



Or  your can use a photo from your existing photo library. The application will give you a spectrum of colors that match the image. And it will save your favorite colors, recommend coordinating palettes, and map the nearest retailer from the GPS on your phone. Did we mention its free?
Double snap!

For the designer in all of us!

Gibraltar Furniture is proud to be a #1 wholesaler for Ameico, modern classics, Barcelona, and huge selection in modern furnitures such as modern outdoor furniture, modern lighting, modern office furnitures, and much more. Browse our huge selection of modern furniture below. We have everything from premium designer executive chairs to green sustainable furniture. Gibraltar Furniture has been in business for 50 years. Yahoo News reports that Gibraltar Furniture has “The best prices, models, and service of any site on the Internet.” Yahoo News, click here.
This Beverly Hills 90210 store is nirvana for people who want Bauhaus, art deco, modern, mid century, or designer furniture at wholesale prices.”


Gibraltar announce the debut of the new revolutionary series of high end/low prices outdoor and indoor planters (800 416-3635) from the renowned Spanish company named Vondom. This European made line of containers is made of space age materials that resist breakage and are UV resistant. Each unit is available in a rainbow of colors, styles, and sizes.Vondom Pots & Planters (formerly known as Plastiken) feature a natural beauty that compliments the nature you plant within them. Designed to coexist with your indoor or outdoor setting both aesthetically and functionally, Vondom planters bring smart and durable high end design look to your space at cost effective prices

Fang Centro Bowl Pot by Vondom - 24'' Diam.

Fang Centro Bowl Pot by Vondom - 24'' Diam.

The Fang Series Traditional Pots & Planters by Vondom closely resembles the higher priced releases by Serralunga. This series features great designs at affordable prices. All units in this series are available in a classic Terracotta finish as well as a variety of alternate colors and textures. The Fang Series of Planters and Pots by Plastiken is designed to have an organic, natural feel, mimicking clay while maintaining its lightweight and durable qualities.

The Aire Series by Plastiken is a double-walled design perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The “inner pot” capacity is smaller than the size of the “outer pot”, therefore allowing larger pots to be much lighter and easier to move around. Units in this line are very similar to the Serralunga New Pot and Ming releases at a fraction of the price.

The Llum Lighted Pots & Planters series by Vondom showcases a breath-taking group of illuminated pots and planters for your indoor or outdoor space. The Llum Series by Plastiken is an indoor/outdoor collection of pots and planters illuminated from within. Llum light pots also contain a self-watering tube system and wheels for added convenience.

The Aigua and Foc Series feature a self-watering tube system perfect for indoor plants. Like the Aire Series, the “inner pot” capacity is smaller than the size of the “outer pot”, therefore allowing larger pots to be much lighter and easier to move around. This innovate release has an inner well that provides water to plants. It features a unique water delivery system that takes all of the hassle out of garden maintenance. A pop up device clearly indicates when to add water taking all of the guess work our of horticulture. This smart planter monitors soil moisture and waters plants for you!

A Google™ search indicates that one of the foremost sites for high end furniture at wholesale prices is Gibraltar. “This West coast internet pioneer features retro, modern, and post-modern furnishings at rock bottom prices. Gibraltar offers an exceptional array of wholesale, architectural, modern, high quality items at factory direct discount prices. Gibraltar Furniture is one of the leaders in the world of Internet modern architectural products. Gibraltar sells furniture manufactured in Italy, Asia, and the USA and all sales are tax free outside of California.”

We ship factory direct so that you don’t have to pay a middle man for a mark up. This means you get the wholesale price and a great product at unbeatable prices! We can produce this piece in a rainbow of ultra high quality leather colors, or your choice of COM (customers own material) or COL (customers own leather).

Gibraltar is based in Beverly Hills California and can be found on the web at This firm has been in operation for over 50 years, and is an insider secret weapon for blue chip merchandise at warehouse prices. Yahoo reports that Gibraltar Furniture has “The best prices, models, and service of any site on the internet. This store is nirvana for people who want Bauhaus, art deco, modern, mid century, or designer furniture at wholesale prices.”

Dazzling new Designer Planters, Pots, and Garden Containers Unveiled at Recent International Design Show in Europe

Flower pots in bold colors, novel designs, and breath taking forms from Serralunga are the hallmarks of an innovative new series of unprecedented European designer planters, vases, and containers.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 6, 2006 – Italian manufacturer has rolled out a series of stunning new flower products at the recent International Design Show held in Europe. Serralunga makes flowerpots: small pots, gigantic pots, and every size of pot in between.

Bold colors, novel designs, and breathtaking forms are the hallmarks of this innovative series of planters, pots, and containers. Highlighted artists include Karim Rashid, Ron Arad, Christophe Pillet, and Marc Sadler. The new line includes pieces entitled Kronik, The Vases, Loop, Flute, Lady Jane, Lady Mary, HolePot, Memory Pot, Island & Nello il matto.

The series is characterized by its playfulness, scale, and colorfulness. The units are perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor applications and would be at home in any residential, gallery, or institutional application., located in Beverly Hills, California, is the first and only source in the United States to offer this ground-breaking collection at wholesale prices. This store is the leading source for designers, architects, and landscapers for products in the United States. Consumers can contact Gibraltar at 800 416 3635 for more information

Serralunga, who have been producing stylish planters since 1825, is located in the Biella section of Italy. This group has a tradition of more than 180 years of container production.

Born before the industrial revolution, Serralunga recently changed material typology from traditional clay pots to futuristic models. Serralunga’s concept is to feature classical design lines and post-modern shapes. Today, Serralunga is the leader in the production of contemporary style flower pots, vases, and containers.

The pots are made from rotationally molded polyethylene, and are strong, lightweight and will tolerate subzero temperatures, having a much longer life than traditionally made pots. Serralunga recently commissioned some of the world’s leading designers to create new lines of vases and flower pots for both interior and exterior use. Designers have paid close attention to polymer evolution and have applied new plastic technology to current articles, but have kept their use and functionality unchanged.

Serralunga concentrates on creativity, aesthetics and functional details. Last but not least, Serralunga spotlights traditional Italian prose, beauty, and style in every piece. For more information, go to Serralunga.

These stunning planters look so good, you may decide that you’re going to forget about plants and use them as furniture accessories!

One interesting tidbit is that some of the designers, while sketching their pots, sketched them with specific plants in mind. While some pots might be appropriate for orchids, alocasias, and cannas, others are much better suited for agaves and cacti.

All of these pots, vases and containers come in an astounding array of finishes, including spectacular metallic and lacquer coats. Consumers can contact Gibraltar Furniture to purchase any of these products at discount prices by calling 800 416 3635.

Gibraltar Furniture also has a complete line of landscape architectural products from other domestic and international sources at discount prices. Trevi Outdoor, Modern Outdoor and Studio4LA are a few of the exclusive brands that this Beverly Hills company offers at factory-direct prices.

Customers can order custom fountains and one-of-a-kind planters, containers, and pots from this 50-year old business in modern, traditional, or post modern forms.

Gibraltar offers the entire line of products from Color & Life, Compar, David Edward, Davis Furniture, Fabulux, Firefarm, Girari, Gordon International, Grey, Havaseat Chairs, Innovation, IQMatics, Janke, Jet Age, Kenshoma, Litto Kids, Lunar Lounge, Malik, Ooba, Oeuf, Offi, OFM, Ogus Design, The Phillips Collection, Serralunga, Studio4LA, Touch Design/Lighting, Trevi Outdoor, the Vessel Architectural Pottery collection, Zuo Modern, and 100 Times Better, among others.

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