Gibraltar Furniture has completed work on a brand new post modern Vondom design installation at the famed Hawaii Prince Hotel.  The Vanguard Theory, Inc Group decided on using the Stone Planter group for all of the hotels landscape pool, deck, and lounge architectural applications.


none_800x800-id52898-9b3018a8b1a604310534baade28205b7As its name suggests it appears to be found in nature itself, creating synergism between the natural and the artificial landscape. Stone can fit perfectly into any environment, transmitting its own particular elegance, thanks to its material, as well as its original shape.


Vanguard Theory is a creative studio that collaborates with like-minded artists and designers.  As a multi-disciplinary design consultancy Vanguard Theory focus is on interior design, collaborative art projects, and product development. It;s unique background gives it the necessary tools to balance creativity with feasibility.

Vanguard Theory believes that good design is soulful, inclusive, and honest in that it connects individuals with their environment in authentic way. Michelle JaimeCo-Founder / Design Director remarks “Every collaborative project allows us to exchange ideas, explore new resources, and create a larger platform for budding artists and designers.”


Vondom and Gibraltar Furniture  was a perfect match for the projects needs. Design culture is the key to Vondom’s success. This is what pushes Vondom to create new collections that give spaces a new dimension. Vondom creates dialogue between environment and form. Vondom pieces transform the simplest space into an ambiance filled with glamour, both unique and extraordinary. This is what it’s about, creating atmospheres where we can take hold of life and feel that we are here to live it, enjoy it and surround ourselves with beauty.


The Stone Planter series was designed by Stefano Giovanoni, architect, industrial and interior designer, lives and works in milan. He works as industrial designer designing many iconic best sellers and commercially successful products. Elisa Gargan, industrial and interior designer, is Stefano’s partner and wife. Elisa & Stefano working together for many famous companies.


This Spanish manufacturer works with the worlds best designers and offers incredible quality.Their designs are uber glamorous and stand proud in multi-million  homes, yachts, and hotels.

What we like best is that they are pretty much one of the only items of furniture that really can be left outdoors permanently. They are made with 100% recyclable polycarbonate material so they can withstand full sun and rain.

VONDOM creates art and is always looking for the natural beauty of the product endowing them with their own personality. Vondom designs are contemporary & avant-garde. Each pieces is perfectly balanced between simple lines, contemporary design, and & sophisticated finish options. .

VONDOM supports one of the World’s most complete outdoor furniture collections and is manufactured by rotational molding. This manufacturing technique allows us to create high quality products in a wide range of shapes & colors, making them unique modern furniture . This Spanish design source encourages you to enjoy your time by decorating your rooms and illustrating your life with a variety of designs, colors, and shapes. Experience the ultimate in fashion, style, and design via Vondom.





Gibraltar Furniture Featured At Sundance Virtual Reality Installation

Gibraltar Furniture is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Positron  for a new virtual reality exhibition at the famed Sundance film festival.

Jennifer Rundell, COO & Co-Founder, purchased 20 Eero Aarnio Ball Chairs from Gibraltar and specially modified them for Virtual Reality demonstration purposes. Aarnio was – and still is – one of the pioneers in using plastic in industrial design. Plastic material set the designers free to create every shape and use every color they wanted. This gave birth to objects oscillating between function and fun – but always fascinating ones.


Positron combines creative design, gamification, engineering, storytelling, and brilliant coding to create one of-a-kind interactive experiences.  This company is unique in the experiential design industry as this team includes actual rocket scientists working alongside designers and artists.

Positron, a virtual reality technology studio in Los Angeles, announced today that it will mark its Festival debut with Voyager, the first cinematic, full-motion VR chair platform, at the 2017 edition of New Frontier at the Sundance Film Festival, January 19-29 in Park City. Select VR works from the New Frontier program will be available to screen in Voyager at New Frontier VR Palace, including If Not Love and Orbital Vanitas.


“Positron is thrilled to offer cinema lovers at the Sundance Film Festival the opportunity to experience a completely new level of immersion in VR storytelling with Voyager,” said Jeffrey Travis, creator of the chair and CEO of Positron. “New Frontier is the ideal forum to share groundbreaking technology that provides filmgoers with a completely relaxed VR motion experience while empowering filmmakers to direct the viewer’s attention to points of interest in the story.”
The Finnish designer Eero Aarnio, born in 1932, studied from 1954 to 1957 at the Institute of Industrial Arts in Helsinki and started in 1962 with his own office as an interior and industrial designer. Engaged in new ideas of furniture, he designed the Ball Chair (or globe chair) already in 1963; it was some years later before it was produced. Material (fiberglass) and shape were complete novelties for that time’s furniture industry. The fiberglass ball is built on a metal swiveling base, and upholstered with foam/fiberfill. The original colors were white, red, black and orange.

When Eero Aarnio had the first idea for the Ball Chair in 1963, fiberglass was a relatively new material as glass reinforced products were not Batch Produced as they are today nobody . The only possibility was to craft the chair with his own hands. It took Eero and his brother in law nearly one year until the first prototype was ready.

The prototype was a success, it is still standing in the designers house. By coincidence two young product managers from the company ASKO discovered the Ball Chair when visiting Eero in order to look at some pine wood chairs. They immediately realized the potential of this design icon.

In 1966 for the first time the chair was presented at the International Furniture Fair in Cologne. Celebrities bought copies of the original for their homes and it found itself in a variety of Design Museums throughout the world.

The design of the chair was not only striking to look at but it was also comfortable and relaxing to sit in for long periods of time. The chair has been described as ”a room within a room”. It offers shelter, a calming atmosphere and privacy for the seated person. Some models of the chair have had telephones built into them.


The chair has featured in films such as ‘Tommy’, ‘Dazed and Confused’ and ‘Moon Zero Two’. It also featured in such classic television Programmes as ‘The Prisoner’.It has even been used by Vivienne Westwood in one of her shows.

Jennifer has spent her career at the intersection of technology and business. She is a veteran of leading cross-discipline teams in rapidly growing companies, and loves being at the helm of defining features that customers want. She brings leadership, a passion for solving problems that help to humanize technology and is on a mission to raise human empathy along the way.

“We’re truly excited to be presenting our VR experience, Orbital Vanitas, to Sundance Film Festival audiences through Voyager and the revolutionary motion it provides for cinematic VR,” said Shaun Gladwell, Lead Artist. Leo Faber, Key Collaborator on the surreal sci-fi mystery film elaborates, “To have the technological tools that enable us to further deepen the narrative through Voyager’s gentle motion and haptics is now a very happy reality for VR storytellers.”

Industry reactions from those who have experienced Voyager underscore its distinctive capabilities. “This is f****** awesome!” exclaimed Nonny de La Peña, “Godmother of VR” and filmmaker in the New Frontier category at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Ran Tao from Google VR added, “There is absolutely no motion sickness.”

“We discovered after gathering data from over 1,500 people, that Voyager solves the critically important problem of discomfort and motion sickness,” observed Jennifer Rundell, . “Voyager is an exceptional seated VR solution that offers gentle motion that’s organically connected to the storytelling, and users who previously experienced motion sickness with VR report they no longer suffer from it in our chair. Voyager takes into account how our bodies need to be involved while allowing people to experience VR with more of their senses, to relax and go magical places, leaving the current physical space behind.”

Voyager will also have a presence at the “Cinematic VR and the Future of Storytelling” panel on Thursday, January 26, 2017, 12:00pm -1:30pm at Cinetransformer, located at 500 Main Street. A Hosted Presentation by Ribbow Media Group, the panel discussion will explore the future of cinematic VR and storytelling possibilities for content creators and audiences. Panelists will include Maxwell Planck, Technical Director at Oculus Story Studio, Brad Becker, CEO of Sentient Play, Sundance alumni and VR director Milica Zec (Giant), Brian Furano, Co-Founder of Riot.House and Positron CEO Jeffrey Travis. Roy Taylor, Corporate Vice President and Head of Alliances at Radeon Technologies Group, AMD, will moderate the panel. Voyager will be available to demo as time permits.

Voyager is the first full-motion chair platform designed for cinematic VR. Integrating beautiful design and engineering magic, it reflects a passion for VR storytelling. Voyager delivers a completely new level of immersion in VR by providing a comfortable, fully integrated personal VR theater that incorporates gentle motorized yaw and pitch motion, haptic feedback (powered by Subpac), and specialized seating. Its unique software and hardware technology integration enables nuanced motion and haptic tracks to be encoded along the featured content’s visual and spatial audio tracks. The chair precisely guides the viewers’ attention to points of interest in the experience, while also allowing a viewer-controlled motion mode. Voyager units will be available Q1 2017 to select theaters, hotels, concerts, and events that desire to provide a premium VR experience.

Please contact Bradley Friedman, President of Gibraltar Furniture at T 800 416-3635 or via for more details



Gibraltar Furniture is prod to introduce a brand new vision of the retro future. This classic aviator wing style desk  collection is a wonderful mid-century metal series of avionic desks  The smooth clean aluminum angles, rivet accents and tucked away shelves of our Aviation Desk , Aviation Futura Desk and the Aviation Meteor Desk bring function and form together perfectly.

This collection is a shout out to flight and space design. And these desks would be at home in Buck Rodgers secret office hideaway and in mission control in Houston.

A mid-century iconic style is represented by these aviator replicas. Aluminum sheeting, rivet accents and highlights are all a part of that 20th century love of everything avionic. Bring this classic style to your own home with one of these pieces.

Features include

  • Aluminum Desk
  • Genuine leather handles5





Frank Lloyd Wright (born Frank Lincoln Wright, June 8, 1867 – April 9, 1959) was an American architect, interior designer, writer, and educator, who designed more than 1,000 structures, 532 of which were completed. Wright believed in designing structures that were in harmony with humanity and its environment, a philosophy he called organic architecture.  Wright was a leader of the Prairie School movement of architecture and developed the concept of the Usonian home, his unique vision for urban planning in the United States. His creative period spanned more than 70 years.

His work includes original and innovative examples of many building types, including offices, churches, schools, skyscrapers, hotels, and museums. Wright also designed many of the interior elements of his buildings, such as the furniture and stained glass.  One of the most inspirational, and forgotten chapters in Wright’s history are his iconic architectural designs for planters and vases.


Frederick C. Robie House Chicago, Illinois Frank Lloyd Wright Architect Oak Park, Illinois. This vase, from the Frederick C. Robie house in Chicago, is a classic example of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural design, utilizing a circle within a square, and exemplifying the prairie style. Reproduced in three sizes, the full-scale original 60-inch, a 45-inch and a 1/2 scale, 30-inch size.


Henry J. Allen House – Wichita, Kansas Frank Lloyd Wright – Architect Taliesin, Wisconsin. Built in 1917 for the Governor of Kansas, Henry J. Allen, the Allen house features this elegant, simple bowl poised on a square pedestal. Available in three sizes: 27 1/2″ diameter, 41 1/4″ diameter and the full-scale model of the original, 55″ diameter.


Frank Lloyd Wright Studio Oak Park, Illinois Frank Lloyd Wright Architect Oak Park, Illinois. Designed for the entrance to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Studio in Oak Park, Illinois. The medium size, 34 3/4″ vase, is reproduced to match the scale of the originals. One of Mr. Wright’s early planters, these are also available in a larger, 45 inch, or a smaller 24 inch sizes. Originally designed to sit above eye level on a pedestal, these planters feature a design on the underside of the top ring.

Oak Park Residence Oak park, Illinois Frank Lloyd Wright Architecht Oak Park, Illinois. Located in Oak Park, Illinois, next to the Frank Lloyd Wright Studio, Wright’s own residence featured this beautiful bowl with a very detailed base. Cast in three sizes, Small-20″ diameter, Large-37″ diameter and the scale reproduction of the original- 28 1/2″size.


Burton J. Westcott House Springfield, Ohio Frank Lloyd Wright Architect – Oak Park, Illinois. This was the largest planter Frank Lloyd Wright designed. The enormous originals dominate the front of the Westcott house in Springfield, Ohio. This series is done in a 1/2 scale model of the original 34 1/2 inch diameter, as well as a 48 inch and a 20 1/2 inch size.



Susan Lawrence Dana House Springfield, Illinois Frank Lloyd Wright Architect – Oak Park, Illinois. A classic example of Wright’s early prairie style, these planters sit very prominently in front of the Dana-Thomas residence, just a few blocks from the Illinois state capitol building. The original vases are quite large, measuring over 5 1/2 feet in diameter. This collection comes in a 3/4 scale model at 50 1/4″, a 1//2 scale at 33 1/2″ and a 1/3 scale size, 22 3/8″ in diameter.



Isidore Heller House Chicago, Illinois Frank Lloyd Wright Architect Oak Park, Illinois. One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s earliest designs was this deep bowl planter for Isidore Heller of Chicago in 1896. The small, medium and large sizes are 22″, 33″ and 44″ diameters, respectively.


American Systems Built Houses 1915 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Frank Lloyd Wright Architect Taliesin, Wisconsin. Designed as an everyman’s house, the affordable American Systems Built House offered this simple, classic vase as an optional feature in the 24″ size. This design is also available in a 30″ diameter and the new 18″ size.



Authenticated by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Full Scale Reproductions of the Original Sculptures Cast In Reconstituted Stone. This is a full-scale reproduction of the Midway Gardens Sprite, the result of collaboration between Frank Lloyd Wright and Alfonso Inanelli. Dozens of these sculptures adorned the walls of the massive Midway Gardens complex in Chicago from 1913-1929. The full size Sprite weighs 360 lbs.




Authenticated by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Cast In Reconstituted Stone. The companion piece to the Nakoma, this 54 inch tall Winnebago tribal elder is teaching his young son to take the bow and arrow to the Sun God. Another extremely detailed piece, the 4 1/2 foot tall statue weighs 380 lbs.


Authenticated by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Cast In Reconstituted Stone. The 3-foot tall Nakoma is taken from the design of Frank Lloyd Wright’s for a 16-foot tall statue that was to grace the entrance to the Nakoma Country Club in Madison, Wisconsin. Representing a Native American woman carrying two bowls and two small children, it is a very detailed piece. The 36-inch piece weighs 240 lbs.























Gibraltar Furniture is the premier go to source for modern design for pet furniture! We are pleased to introduce you in the Superfine world, a new concept of “pet-living” based on the high quality and reliability of Made in Italy Brand and Design. Superfine Pet Luxury is the exclusive line of designer beds and accessories for our four-legged friends.

Superfine products are not just objects but have the soul of those who believe in beauty and excellence. An attractive and elegant style, extremely unique synthesis of luxury, elegance and modernity. Superfine, unique product with dual personality: both a sophisticated designer furnishing accessory and a five-star house for your puppies.


3   6 7 8  10 11 12 13 14 16

Superfine creations are precious, original and functional, result of a meticulous work of the most expert Italian luxury craftsmen that gives an absolutely excellent item, which reflects the high standards of quality and style of the Made in Italy products. The creations are the result of the genius of Paolo De Anna, a creative entrepreneur from Vicenza with 20 years of experience in pet care. Our customers are sophisticated and demanding, in search of innovative and chic items that are in harmony with the furniture and style of their homes.


Gibraltar Furniture is proud to introduce a brand new line of post modern luxury spa baths and tubs to our collection. The Eurospa series spotlights geometric perfection. These fine art sculptural units boast clean lines and features that are unique and visually poetic.


This European designed imported collection of high end spas and soaking tubs provide the ultimate in luxury and design. All of the units come pre-assembled for easy installation.

Each unit is constructed of vacuum treated space age based solid surface materials. This media is more durable and longer lasting than acrylic, and can be cleaned. It is very easy to maintain. Hardware for pop up drain is included. Overflow control built in. Faucets not included.

We have seen these units at other stores for several times our sale prices!

control-brand-bw0156mw control-brand-bw0256mw control-brand-bw5456mw control-brand-bw8156mw


Gibraltar Furniture is proud to announce that it has unveiled the new 2014 SIDE collection on line at


This revolutionary brand is made in Italy and was established  in 2002. SLIDE benefits from over 20 years of experience in manufacturing plastic resins, acquired through earlier production experiences in the housewares and gardening sectors.  SLIDE was the very first Italian design company to produce illuminated furniture made of polyethylene, with a successful formula soon exported worldwide. Today SLIDE’s activity is complemented by SLIDE EVENTS,a services brand specialized in integrated management of private and corporate events, and by the SLIDE art project.


SLIDE’s production includes seats, tables, lamps, bar counters, pots, shelves and much more. The company’s enormous capacity for both productivity and creativity allows the introduction of one new product (on the average) every month – transversal, heterogeneous and unusual items in which subtle light and bright colors blend in a powerful and distinctive manner, creating a unique and evocative atmosphere.  The company has recently expanded its offer working on two parallel fronts – by introducing a line of lacquered objects (suitable for a high-end, luxury market) and by broadening the range of  production processes (injection and polyurethane foam molding) and materials (now including  polypropylene, HPL and polyurethane).


To develop its projects, SLIDE partners with internationally acclaimed designers such as  Marc Sadler, Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders, Paola Navone, Alessandro Mendini, Stefano Giovannoni and Marco Acerbis, striving to create quality products and conquer a position
on the medium to top segment of the market. These high-profile partnerships are complemented by a constant investment on talented young designers, very rich in potential although at times little known.

Being made of only one material, SLIDE’s products are fully recyclable. In addition,  it is corporate practice that the output of one production line is used as input for the next one,  thus avoiding any waste of materials. The whole illuminated range of products is also available with rechargeable batteries or a LED lighting system, allowing maximum energy saving.


Gibraltar Furniture has been in business for over 50 years. Yahoo News reports that Gibraltar Furniture has  “The best prices, models, and service of any site on the Internet.  This Beverly Hills 90210 store is nirvana for people who want Bauhaus, art deco, modern, mid century, or designer furniture at wholesale prices.


Google states “This West coast Internet pioneer features retro, modern, and post-modern furnishings at rock bottom prices. Gibraltar offers an exceptional array of wholesale, architectural, modern, high quality items at factory direct discount prices. Gibraltar Furniture is one of the leaders in the world of Internet modern architectural products.”


Yahoo News reports that “Gibraltar Furniture is an Secret Weapon Web Site for blue chip merchandise at warehouse prices Yahoo News.: