Gibraltar Furniture recently returned from Italy where we had the privilege of previewing the new Furniture Collection by Mercedes-Benz Style before it’s debut this month.

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This collection is a dynamic and extremely light form incorporating precious materials that have been finished perfectly. The Furniture Collection by Mercedes-Benz Style brings the unmistakable use of lines and high quality of Mercedes-Benz indoors. It reflects the progressive, dynamic design idiom of the current show cars and offers the exclusive emotional experience of Mercedes-Benz in private living spaces and business premises.

Mercedes-Benz Style realizes its avant-garde designs in close collaboration with the Formitalia Luxury Group, one of the leading Italian manufacturers of designer furniture. An inspirational partnership built on the mutual passion for absolute quality and leading design. The collection will consist of a sofa, a chaise lounge, a dining room table, a sideboard, assorted chairs, a home theater system stand, a chest of drawers and a bed. Each piece promises to offer “dynamic yet timelessly elegant design,” including wooden chair backrest shells inspired by the seat shells in Mercedes’ latest research vehicles. Even the sideboard, the most pedestrian of dining room furniture pieces, has a glass door with a surrounding bevel meant to resemble the air intake of a sports car. Ensuring that owners remember who’s behind the design, each piece will wear a subtle Mercedes-Benz Style logo.

We found that the series has an aerodynamic feel to it. The lines swoop  upward with grace and ease. The carbon fiber elements give the collection a space age, lighter than air, appearance. The assembly would fit perfectly in a modern space age environment. The chaise looked like it could take off and soar at any moment. Gibraltar was very impressed by the comfort factor as well. The seating provided great lumbar support, and the high end leather materials caressed the back in luxury and suppleness. The collection boast a  litheness and grace that are unequaled by other providers and creates a cocoon of  extravagance.

While Mercedes-Benz Style may be new to the furniture business, automakers are no strangers to branding luxury goods. Lamborghini, for example, has a line of carbon fiber luggage that bears its name, and companies ranging from Aston Martin through Infiniti have affiliations with luxury watches.

Gorden Wagener, head of design at Mercedes-Benz Style, said of the collection, “The various pieces of furniture reflect the progressive, dynamic design idiom of our current show cars and concept vehicles, offering an exclusive, emotional experience outside our vehicles as well.” If you want that emotional experience in your living room, minus the occasional grease or oil stain, the Mercedes-Benz Style furniture collection is expected to be available at high-end furniture stores, showrooms and interior design studios beginning this October at our Beverly Hills site.

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Danish Modern Furniture – Poul Kjaerholm New Releases

Poul Kjaerholm is in the vanguard of the modern furniture designers. His work is legendary in the pantheon of architectural inspired design, and he helped to popularize steel, textile, and woven cane as landmark materials.

Born in 1929 in Oster Vra, Denmark, Poul Kjaerholm began as a cabinetmaker’s apprentice. He finished his understudy as a cabinet maker with Grønbech in 1948, and graduated from the School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen in 1952 with the PK25 chair that is still produced by Fritz Hansen.

In 1955, Poul Kjaerholm released the famous PK22, for which he received the Lunning Award. In 1958, he became an assistant at the Royal Danish Academy of Arts in Copenhagen, and a lecturer in 1959. He became head of the Institute for Design in 1973, and finally professor in 1976 until his premature death in 1980. During these years he designed dozens of chairs, lounge chairs, and tables that became landmarks for Danish furniture design, including the famous PK24 lounge chair.

Most of his furniture was produced by his friend E. Kold Christensen in Hellerup.
His designs are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the V&A Museum in London, and other museum collections in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany. He won numerous awards in industrial and graphic design, including two Grand Prix at the Milan Trienale (1957 & 1960), the ID Award, and the legendary Lunning Award.
Fritz Hansen is the official source for the entire Poul Kjaerholm series. This venerable Danish manufacturer offers high-end product at stratospheric prices. We recommend the Frit Hansen line to all of our customers where money is of no object. However, not all collectors have unlimited funds.
Gibraltar Furniture is a good resource for design addicts looking for top-rate Poul Kjaerholm inspired reproductions of the originals at popular prices. All of the materials, design lines, and specs for all of the Gibraltar releases are the same as the European manufacturers. Gibraltar out-sources the production of these design classics to our overseas factories in order to cut labor costs. We use the same high quality imported leather, wicker, and stainless steel frames that the Danish manufacturers use.

We only accept the very best, imported, quality items at Gibraltar! This applies to the quality of hides as well as the fabrics that we use on all Poul Kjaerholm products. Consequently, we have chosen the finest suppliers for all of our raw materials. For instance, we insist on using only 100% imported Italian leather. The hides must be of superlative quality. We insist that every manufacturing detail conforms to the original lines. Craftsmanship, sewing and upholstery are a huge priority to us. In the end, the biggest difference that you will notice is the large sum of money that you will save via Gibraltar vs. the European makers.

Historically, most of Poul Kjaerholm’s pieces have been priced at astronomically high levels. For instance, the PK22 retails for $3,655.00 at Hive Modern. Gibraltar is proud to offer a similar piece for only $1,475.00!

Similarly, the PK24 Chaise Lounge in Wicker/Leather is offered at $11,732.00 at Retro Modern. Gibraltar sells an item of similar design for only $1,500.00. A wise consumer would end up saving over $10,000 by going with the Beverly Hills 90210 version instead of the higher priced Fritz Hansen original design.

The PK20 Easy Chair in Leather will run you $8,576.00 from Retro Modern. You can get a replica of this release from Gibraltar for only $1,475.00. With the additional savings, you could plan a trip to Denmark for your entire family.

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